Friday, November 1, 2013


How is it possible that my youngest boy turned thirteen today?
Am I really that old {bite your tongue} or has time just escaped me?
What happened to the curls?  The chubby cheeks and the boyish grin?



It seems only yesterday that we held him in our arms, and twirled a curl between our fingers.  One short year ago, he turned twelve.  He continues to amaze us daily.  A full two months into the seventh grade and academics still comes very naturally. Oh, if you ask him, he will say he hates it, but I know the social side of him would miss it.  First term has ended and he, once again, has A's in every single subject, as if blinking makes it so.  He's continued playing saxophone in the band and singing in choir, as well as being on his way to speaking fluent Spanish.  Oliver finished his first summer of lacrosse (and loved it) and will be playing basketball again through the winter on a local Armstrong-Cooper house team. 

He dressed up as an AHS super-fan and trick-or-treated last night for the last time (please, oh please), and is celebrating his birthday this weekend with a family dinner and movie with friends.

this winter they will be 15, 21 and 13

All of my boys are growing into wonderful young men.
But my baby...   is now a teenager...
Make it stop. 
Isn't he supposed to stay my baby forever?! 


even just a little.

You make me smile.
I love you.
Happy 13th Birthday Oliver!
birthday breakfast @ Fat Nat's

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