Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday at Pete's house this year.  It was a small gathering, in comparison to when all of the family returns.  Leaving the puppies at home and timing our five hour visit, the boys complained that that amount of time we set aside "seems like 2-minutes in Foreman-time".   I suppose they've got a point.  Interesting to hear their perspective.

Sue & Pete always put out a great spread and dining with them is like going to a 5-star restaurant.  I discovered that WE, the adults, were out-numbered this year.  So I guess we were sitting at their kids table! The youngest in the group is Oliver, at 13.  We had the traditional turkey meal with all the trimmings.

don't forget the marshmallows!

Peter & JP

baking bread (earlier at home) to bring to dinner

checking the gravy

my meal - yum!

a few rounds of pool

after dinner reading of the ads and checking-in on devices

A very fine holiday...   until we get to do it all over again, doubled in numbers, at the end of December!

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