Friday, July 22, 2016

Spouse Challenge on FB Day 5

Day 5 : Father of MaBoys
Tender, stern, loving, sarcastic - all traits he possesses and is hopefully passing along to his boys. When I was pregnant with Oliver, we decided that JP should become an early-AM #maninbrown so he could also be a stay-at-home Dad. We would 'tag team' around 8:30 am every morning and I would head into work. This was not the easiest decision for me as I would have loved to trade places and stay home with my little boys in a heartbeat. But it worked, and I wouldn't have made a different decision to this day.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Spouse Challenge on FB Day 4

Day 4 : Adventure
We share a love of travel, he and me. Although HE is getting far pickier about returning to places we've once visited, it's certainly been an exciting adventure to gather up a few belongings and hit the road a few times each year. If we won the lottery, we'd travel abroad to many exotic and beautiful locales on our wish list; but until then, our journey has brought us to the occasional bed & breakfasts, on trips to meet friends across country, and weekly to a nearby bar stool for our cherished date night.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Spouse Challenge on FB Day 3

Day 3 Eye-to-Eye
We don't always see eye-to-eye and it was evident on our first date that we would always have something to talk (banter) about in our lifetime together. Our shared passions may be few and we are opposites in almost every imaginable way, but I wouldn't try to change him as that would make for a very dull marriage. We have grown to appreciate all that the other has to offer. A matched set, yin to my yang, Desi to my Lucy, Ralph to my Alice, Doug to my Carrie. He keeps me laughing, loving and on my A-game, every single day. 

Through all of this craziness, madness and learning to love one another, we have successfully raised two wonderful young men.  I can only hope that they've learned by our example that LOVE and marriage can be shown and shared in many different ways. There are no set of rules you're handed when you decide to commit to one another... only that you will do your best to find balance, common ground and a shared love.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Spouse Challenge on FB Day 2

I've been challenged to post pictures of ‪#‎miamour‬ for 7 days in a row... not that any of you want MORE of my posts in your newsfeed {giggle, snort}, but here goes! I will NOT be tagging anyone... so if this interests you, share the love and start your own 7 day trend!
Day 2 : The ProposalSummertime, baseball and cigars. Not a huge sports fan, but I really enjoyed going to a St. Paul Saints game. There's so much more to do than watch baseball. ;) We were joined by my parents at this game and before I knew it, I was hearing a proposal over the loud speaker during the 7th inning stretch. No ring, but a cigar band would do the trick. 1 year together somehow turned into 16, which is quickly approaching 20! Time flies when you're in love.