Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Masterworks Concert 2015

Both boys were in the Masterworks Concert last night at Armstrong High School.  Oliver is once again participating in the auditioned small group called Sola Voce; his final year in middle school.  Henry is in the auditioned small group Varsity Madrigals this year.  They make my heart sing!!

Similar to last year, this event highlights a couple of songs from each group.  This year they also had an external group, the Plymouth Rockers, join them under the direction of David Halligan.  I recently found out a good friend of mine used to direct that choir.  Pretty fun history to share!  Great music to share among the generations and show these kids that you NEVER have to lose your desire to sing!

I wish I had gotten a better picture of them standing together this year, but a Mom takes what she can get. They were standing together in rehearsal, but then didn't end up that way in the final song.  Happy to have ushered and gotten this shot!

Because I was busy running around last night, I didn't get to sit and video anything for personal archives.  The concert will eventually be posted on the district website, however, if you're interested in listening.  You will be able to find it here.

As always, the boys did a wonderful job in their respective choirs.  They truly have a passion for music and continue to get better each year.  I was talking out loud to them last night that I have four more years to relish in this type of event during their high school years!  A good friend and grandparents were also in attendance with us this year.

Masterworks Concert Program 2015

Thursday, February 12, 2015

2015 ACDA | Henry

Henry is at rehearsal all day today for a concert performance this evening with an auditioned state choir.  He had a blind audition (digitally recorded and emailed) late last year and they have only one performance.  The kids are expected to learn their music/part on their own and show up today for a full rehearsal, culminating in what is surely to be some awesome, goosebump, soul-inspiring music at Central Lutheran Church in Minneapolis.

We set out this past weekend to buy him a new tie and dress shirt.  He left the house this morning to take the city bus downtown with his friend.  I am just a tad bit in disbelief that he's as old and mature as he is - not because he's not capable - but because how can my little boy possibly be this grown up and independent?!

I asked him to keep in touch with me throughout the day if he had the opportunity, as well as take some pictures of the group from AHS.  There are six of them.  I haven't received any pictures as of yet, but here's a text he sent.  The boy has got panache and whether or not he gets the solo, the fact that he raised his hand tried out - blows me away.  Makes this momma's heart all warm and fuzzy.

The song choices are secular and the fact that they will be performed in a church that is getting close to 100 years old...  I cannot WAIT to hear their performance tonight!

We are unable to take video because they are recording it separately; each student gets a copy as part of their agreement.  I will gladly share more pictures if I can get them this evening, as well as any links to their performance.  

sent him off this morning with bus fare, cough drops and a power bar for dinner

Update:  Henry didn't get the solo but that didn't ruin the evening.  As expected, a beautiful evening of amazing voices entertained us for about an hour.  Henry is top row, 6th from the left.  They sang five pieces in total.  I hope to bring back some links to their music in the near future.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Celebrating Super 16

This boy.
Melts my heart.
Makes me proud.

Making way for his future.
Chose challenging classes for his junior year.

Continues to hone his passion for music.
Excels at keeping himself entertained with electronics.
Loves being a part of a sports team.

This boy.
Growing up before my eyes,
No longer little curls adorn his head, but long locks.

Masculine.  Sympathetic. Unpredictable.
Gets along well with Libra (phew – his parents!).
Humanitarian.  Leader.

This young man.
Loves with all his heart.
Challenges.  Seeker of truth.
Child of God.

Happy Super 16, my son! 

We love you to the moon!
Mom & Dad   xo

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Throwback Thankful Thursday

Shared this photo above with Henry last night.
He replied to me via text - those were the days!

To which I replied,
 "Yes, they were...  but these days are just as great!"