Always changing, and in no particular order...
  1. Run, Julie, COLORRUN.  Did it.
  2. Participate in a flash mob.
  3. Skydive.
  4. Horseback ride on the beach.
  5. Bungee jump.
  6. Visit Norway in summer.
  7. Go on a Mediterranean cruise.
  8. Live long enough to meet my grandchildren.
  9. Finish my Bachelor's degree.
  10. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  11. Watch all three of my children graduate.  {one down, two to go}
  12. Learn to speak Spanish.
  13. Visit Washington, D.C.
  14. Lose 20 lbs and reach goal (post-pregnancy). almost there!
  15. Go to the Black Hills.
  16. Visit a National Park and look up at a Sequoia.
  17. See the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in person.
  18. Give birth to six babies.
  19. Go to the Pasadena Rose Parade on NY's day.
  20. Attend a service in the Crystal Cathedral.
  21. Go on a Mission Trip with my church.
  22. Volunteer 10 additional hours annually.
  23. Complete the Warrior Dash.
  24. Have a picnic in Central Park.
  25. Print blog for boys to have as a keepsake.
  26. Conquer my fear and snorkel.
  27. Clean out the clutter from the basement.
  28. Pay off the mortgage.
  29. Have enough money set aside to retire.  Retire early.
  30. Make a difference in someone's life.  Every.single.day.
  31. Plan a vacation to attend the World's Longest Garage Sale.
  32. Make yoga a daily habit.
  33. Walk/meditate through a labyrinth.
  34. Add more ink.
  35. Sing the National Anthem at a sporting event