Thursday, November 1, 2012

12 short years ago...

Dear Oliver,
My youngest.
My baby.
Growing up so quickly.
Proving me wrong in so many ways.
Challenging me daily.

You wanted into this world on Halloween.
I was determined that you would wait a day.
I won that battle, and you were born on November 1.
I haven’t won many battles since. You are very headstrong.

A millennium baby. Born in 2000, it’s obvious that you are destined to change the world. Or definitely be an active part of changing the world.  Your personality fits with all that is good, and wholesome, and right in this world.

The week you were born, there was a Presidential election.
The hanging chad debacle held us in wait to find out who won.
Popular vote was won by Al Gore.  Electoral college elected George W. Bush. I have a feeling something similar will happen again this election.  Twelve years later.

Maybe you will go into politics someday?
Perhaps your heart will help soften others'?

You’ve got a wonderful imagination.
You are smart.  Intelligent.
You ask thought-provoking questions,
and do not settle for status quo.
You have earned yourself a spot on the high honor roll, for your first quarter in middle school. What an honor for your birthday!
A gift in and of itself.

You are a natural athlete, excelling at everything you try.

Gifted with the voice of a songbird, your constant {and I mean constant} singing makes my heart smile.

With the memory of an elephant, your ability to recall details from years gone by amazes me.

I love you, Oliver. For who you are now, and who you are becoming.

Stand tall.   Proud.

Forge your way into your twelfth year and great things will happen!

Believe in God.

Stand up for what’s right in this world.

Challenge those who do not.

Never forget those who are less fortunate.

Be happy.

Mom   xoxo

Happy Birthday, Son!

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