Tuesday, November 6, 2012


source: Rick Spaulding

Whatever you do today,
if you're an American citzen,
get out there,
and exercise your right to VOTE!

I did. First thing this morning.  #67 at my polling place, 28 minutes in total.

And if you're friends with me on Facebook,
you know which way I voted on Amendment 1 in Minnesota's general election.

I am proud to say that I am hoping to help this Country move forward, embracing our differences, and learning acceptance.

And while we've all got differing opinions,
because after all, that's what makes us unique,
I hope that you've learned something about yourself and what you stand for as a citizen of the great U S of A.

The ad bashing will stop,
the money will {hopefully} be funneled back into something more useful, and our Country will move forward once again.

as we all wait on pins & needles
for what is sure to be an interesting end to this campaign,
I also pray for each and every one of us...
that we can just "learn to get along"
and do so with respect, love & open arms. 

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