Tuesday, September 3, 2013

school days

9th grade & 7th grade
Back to school.
Packing lunches, early bedtimes,
a schedule, a dinner around the table.
Occasional conversation.

My happy place.
I know where ma boys are,
more often now than in summer.

They're learning, growing, making new friends,
expanding their brains and deciding on a future.

I still pack their lunches. Every single day.  In the past, they were able to choose one day a week that they wanted to indulge in whatever was on the menu at school.  Henry chose not to take a single hot lunch day last year and I'm anticipating the same this year.  Oliver's already got the calendar out and highlighted.  However, at $2.50 a lunch, I'm hoping to pare it back even further to his top 3 choices surfacing on the menu, not a guaranteed once a week. 

I've purchased new water bottles too!  Got them from a wholesaler, however, so found a blue bottle and I am stocked for the year in case one breaks.  My attempt to wean the boys off of {insert name brand} juice boxes for their lunch will succeed this year!  I am also looking to make sure that their lunches (1) are healthy & full of nutrients for growing/learning, (2) fill their bellies for the duration of their school day, and (3) save us money in the process! This Momma is even back in the routine of packing a healthy lunch too!

They had a great start to their day on Tuesday!  I splurged and got them a little java.  Back into the swing of a new routine, with one in high school and the other in middle school, and it's feeling great. 

...only 10 short years ago...

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