Wednesday, August 21, 2013

wait, what?!

how could I have basal cell carcinoma?
isn't that cancer?

i don't sit in the sun.
i overheat and seek shade.
i wear spf.
i use an umbrella or wear a hat.

my grandmother had the most
alabaster skin and
lived into her 90s,

my grandfather had many
health issues,
skin cancer being one of them.

are you sure?
i have basal cell carcinoma.

Earlier this year, I noticed a new spot on my face.  I don't wear make-up, so it's easy to identify any changes that stare back from the mirror.  I do not recall seeing this one.  I had a facial in May and asked her to slough it off.  She could not.  I then scheduled an appointment with the dermatologist - couldn't get in to see him, however, until early August.  So I waited.  And watched. Nothing changed, but it didn't get better or go away either.  Last fall I had also made an appointment with the dermatologist for a baseline body check.  I do not recall this spot prior to six months ago.

It didn't appear to be hormonal blood vessels, didn't change color when depressed.  He comments that I have a high tolerance for pain when he injects a numbing agent into my cheekbone.  Biopsy and a band-aid.  I'm done.

Two weeks later.  A phone call.  I have basal cell carcinoma. The good news?  It's not melanoma.  Still, it's skin cancer.  No biggie, right?  Gosh, I sure hope so. 

The clinic to which I've been referred calls me this morning.  They had a cancellation next Tuesday, did I want it?  I will be having Mohs Micrographic Surgery, with reconstruction the same day.  {thankful for health insurance}  I am not freaking out.  Just another chapter in my life, right? 

It may be time to remind the boys about skin cancer, however, as I educate them that there are different kinds.  They love the sunshine.  I mean LOVE the sunshine.  Who doesn't?  However, even the smartest, shadow-minded person can end up with skin cancer.  I just did.

my newest hat w/spf 50

And in case you haven't seen this dear 16-year old me video that has been circulating for quite some time, give it a moment of your time.  Share.  Educate.  It could save a life or change a {bad} habit.

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  1. Gosh Julie, hope you are 100% "good as new" after micro surgery. We pray for that. Love and hugs from your Norwegians :)