Saturday, March 17, 2012

Undefeated Champions

It....was....a.... nail-biter!

The kids were a little squirrely during the warm-up!
But energized and ready.

Neither team was really "on their game".
This was possibly the lowest scoring game of the season.
Fouls were made.  Shots were missed.
Freebies (free throws) were all over the place.

And it was the championship game!
We were down by ONE basket, with 48 seconds to go.
Seconds before, one of our players gets injured.
And the tall kid - Will - gets put back in.
One basket remained...
and 11 seconds to "stall" the score.
Quite literally, Grandpa foreshadowed
"the team who has the ball in hand last will win"


And WIN they did!!

What a fun season.
Oliver's first official season of basketball on an organized team.
He will tell you he "was hesitant to join, at first"
but will BEAM now when he tells you
of his undefeated season.

Way to go,
and Kung-Fu Pandas

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