Wednesday, March 21, 2012

which direction am I going?

My day has started out kinda bumpy…  so I’m looking for a smooth landing!!

After getting up early to help Henry study for a Social Studies test, then getting Oliver ready for his second of three concerts in two days, and ME saying I wanted to leave early so I could get a coffee…  we’re in the car chatting and my auto-pilot takes me ONTO THE FREEWAY and not straight ahead to Henry’s school.  Yep.  I take him to school but today…  I get on the highway.  His hopes of “take your child to work day” and missing his test were dashed when I turned around, and it took us a ½ clover, a long stoplight, and waiting behind a bus in the right-hand lane turning left…  before I was back on the correct path to start my day.  Only to get here and have the same McAfee error that corrupted my old computer (got new computer at 3 pm yesterday).  Twenty minutes later {caffeine kicking in} and a VERY helpful IT guy in India (who spoke very fluent English)…  I am back in business.

So yeah…   hopeful.  Again.  For all things that God has in store for me today.

Aren’t you glad you asked?!  Oh, wait.  You didn't ask.

...a little girl with GREAT BIG plans!

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  1. Fun video!

    Hope your day is going better. I see the sun peeking through just now.