Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh, Oliver Patrick & all things {not} Irish

So... Oliver's middle name is Patrick.  For no reason.  No relation to anyone named Patrick in our lineage that we are aware of, no significance whatsoever.  As far as nicknames go, I wanted to be able to call him OP (Opie) like the character on the Andy Griffith show...  right?  So we had Oliver picked out and I just pulled Patrick out of the air.  I liked the way the two sounded together. We must have some Irish in us...  somewhere (JP's side, I think).

Oliver, on the other hand, believes that St. Patrick's Day is all about him.  Luck of the Irish, dontchaknow?  His middle name is Patrick - so he believes that he will always be lucky that day each year.  Can't squash a kid's dreams and beliefs, right?!

This year...  the last game of his basketball season is on Saturday, St. Patrick's Day, and they are undefeated...  so in celebration of my little non Irish boy, I think that we will definitely have to get a cuppa something yummy with GREEN whipped cream from Caribou to celebrate the season!


*updated*Apparently my grandfather was 1/2 Irish...  good to know.  thanks, Mom!

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