Sunday, March 11, 2012

spring forward

Dinner with Pete & Sue @ Spasso on Saturday.  Dessert and drinks at their house afterward.

Church, singing, rehearsal, teaching Grace Place on Sunday.  My Osseo alum classmate, Tom Sullivan, sang a wonderful gospel solo with the Expression Choir.

We look forward to some quiet time on Sundays while Oliver is rehearsing for the Mother's Day musical.  JP and I bring our ipads and Henry his homework, and we look for a place to hide out.


It was a weekend chocked full of eaitng out and catching up.  Losing that one hour must have really thrown our house into fast-forward, huh?  Okay, so I'm making an excuse for not counting calories and sticking to my workout and diet.  Oops.

However, it really was an exceptional weekend, including breaking the 1902 weather record with our Saturday high of 62*. 

Sunday Snapshot

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