Thursday, March 1, 2012

today, I will

No more excuses.  It's time.

Today, I will:
  • Use the stairs at work instead of the elevator.
  • Pop gum instead of candy, until I break the habit.
  • Stop eating useless white carb calories.
  • Splurge only once a week, instead of once daily.
  • Workout six days a week, with one day of rest.
  • Look at my inspiration board daily.
  • Make time to use the yoga groupon before it expires.
  • Reward myeslf with a weekly sauna.
  • Keep reminding myself....   I can do this!!
  • 90 days = 10 lbs gone = more if I'm lucky.
  • Drink more green tea and less coffee.
  • When the 2:30 pm craving hits, get up and walk!
  • Hold myself accountable and blog this journey back to the skinny girl inside.

Today, I will...

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