Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a little getaway for two

With outrageous airfare and travel costs, we have decided to do another staycation this year over Spring Break.  I am thankful that the weather has been so mild, or I might have gone a little stir crazy and been tempted to charge it to go to someplace warm with white, sandy beaches.  However, I can only assume (and pray) that the weather will continue to be mild and Spring will be bountiful by the end of March. 

JP and I have taken off the week and will make up a plan for entertaining the boys as the week goes along.  We are starting off by ourselves, however, and will be staying in the Oscar Wilde Suite at the Rivertown Inn.  Am I giddy with excitement?  You bet your bloomers I am!!

rainfall shower?!  steam room?!
I'm melting already!

not to mention a complementary bottle of wine
hor devoures and cocktail hour
and three course-breakfast!

Check out the gorgeous chandelier above the soaking tub!

A fireplace, just in case it's cold.

A reading nook!
Oooooh, I cannot wait to steal away some time to the little town of Stillwater...  maybe some shopping on Main Street, and then retiring to this absolutely scrumptious suite with my sweetie!!  

The rest of Spring break will be spent with the boys, perhaps catching up on homework {well, gotta be realistic here}, visiting a Museum or local play, a movie and dinner, rollerblading or rides at MoA...  who knows what the week has in store!    30 days and counting!!

Thank you, LivingSocial, for such a wonderful deal!

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  1. Oooo, that looks luxurious! We don't have any plans yet for spring break. You are right, the airfare is just too high. If I weren't such a coward, I'd consider driving.