Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rumer {music review}

I've just gotta share!  I was immediately taken in by her voice.

"Britain's latest singing sensation Rumer hits the U.S.", says CBS, recently profiled.

Hauntingly brilliant.  I said it to JP right away, she has the etheral voice and melodies reminiscent of Karen Carpenter.  If you haven't heard of Rumer yet (and no, I don't mean the daughter of Demi)...  take a listen!  You can get a free mp3 of her song, SLOW from Amazon. 

Perfect for a rainy,
play hookey from work
and read a book
with a cuppa your favorite
hot beverage kinda day.

{not that I would do that}

You can view a recent interview with Rumer from CBS Sunday Morning. 
If you're ready for something new and refreshing, give a listen.

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