Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fifth Grade Fun {thankful thursday}

Today was "Donuts with Dad" before school in the multi-purpose room.  Well, Dad can never make it because he works early AM hours.  So "stand in" Dad always obliges year after year.   Yes, me.  This morning when I tried encouraging Oliver (and myself) that I wouldn't be the only non-Dad there, he told me I could have worn a bald cap to fit in.  Funny, funny kid. Guess what, I only saw one other non-Dad in the joint, and she was on her way out the front door.  Oliver and I chatted about how the vibe in the room is definitely different than Donuts with Mom.  The Dads seemed to sit along the sideline and talk quietly.  When Moms are there, it's wall-to-wall and the chatter is so loud you cannot hear your child next to you.  He informed me that it was because it was all the Moms were stay-at-home-Mom's.  Hmmmm, well, not this one.  Anway, I felt a little awkward and out of place this time.  So we moved on.  After all, it's our last year at Sonnesyn.

We took a picture and texted it to Dad - "miss you! xo"

After our donuts, we wandered back down the hall to his classroom.  Yes, I may have eaten quickly and ushered us out of the room.  Looking for some small talk to offer up, I asked about any artwork he had on the walls, or reading points for the AR club. 

He pointed me to this...

A self-portrait among many.  I see the curls.  "What's with the background and look on your face, Oliver?"  He informs me he was angry and it's the end of the world.   {gulp}   Um, okay.  Maybe that explains the sullen, moody, young blond boy who has invaded our home recently.  I promise not to over-analyze.  And we press on.

Into his classroom, another friend is nearby cleaning out his desk with his father looking over his shoulder.  Piles and piles of paper sit on said friend's chair, the desk overflowing.  He smiles and laughs a bit as he misses the trash can and continues to clean his desk.  Meanwhile, Oliver proceeds to take his backpack to his desk and start taking things out.  A permission slip to the teacher's desk.  Planner back into his desk. 

I couldn't resist taking a picture of Oliver's desk.  Remember, he is Felix from the Odd Couple.  Neat to an extreme.  Yep!  A place for everything, and everything in its place.

Back to unpacking.  His lunch bag to his shared locker. "Who do you share a locker with, Oliver?"  Can you guess?  Yes, indeed...  aforementioned unorganized friend.  Well, at least Oliver is learning that everyone has a style, and it may not always the be same.  I ask him where his boots were?  There's no room in the teeny-tiny locker for the belongings of two kids in winter.  He brings me around the corner to a PILE of winter items strewn about the floor.  "Here they are!"  Really?!  I mean, that's where they store things that don't fit in a locker?  He informs me that it's fine, until Friday, and then anything left behind will get cleared out of the hallway by the janitors.  No wonder the lost & found is overflowing.

I am thankful for my son.  For his independence.  His organization.  His ability to adapt.  And I am thankful for all of the final moments of Fifth Grade Fun that I get to share with him this year.

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