Friday, February 24, 2012

February BirchBox

It arrived!  My first BirchBox. A little bit of surprise and fun in the middle of the month!


So, one of the more recent blogs I find fascinating is Kate's over on thesmallthingsblog.  She has fabulous videos, tutorials, and fashion ideas.  I've never been a girly-girl, but she makes it look easy.  Maybe it's time to reinvent myself in this way too.  One of the company's she recommends and highlights often is BirchBox.  They have a customer program where you receive a box of samples monthly.  Great!   Just what I need to get me inspired.  Sign-me-up!  Except for they've been sold out for months.  Instant gratification {poof}....  until last night when I recieved an email that it was my turn to sign up!  yippeeeeee.   So I've signed up and will soon receive a box monthly of new ideas, inspiration and fun, all wrapped up in a little pink box.  If you're interested in jumping on this beauty bandwagon, use my link here and I'll get referral points.

My first box came last week and while I was surprised by the funky eyeliner stick-ons, I am really enjoying the BLK DNM perfume sample.  It's a little musky and woodsy, but because it's not something I would normally wear, it's fun to try!

The items came wrapped in pretty papers & bows.

I might have to give the Eye Rock eyeline eyes a try over Spring Break and see what the boys think of Mom with fancy eyes!  Knowing them, it won't go over well.  Ha!

Not long after my first box arrived I received an email about the opportunity to exhcange my March BirchBox for a "Teen Vogue" sample box instead.  Well, I am a long way off from those teenage years, but I couldn't resist the Monty Hall-like offer...  

"Would you like to trade Box # 1 for what's behind Box #2, Julie?!"  

Jumping up and down, "Why, yes, I think I would!!"


Postnote:  One of Kate's tutorials was featured on the local news this morning...  the Knotty Updo!  They were talking about Pinterest and voila!, there she was...  small world on thesmallthingsblog.


  1. I wanna see you with the press on eyeliner!

  2. I love the smallthingsblog too! She is so adorable. I've tried two of the hairstyles. I'm stuck in a hair rut. How much for the birchbox samples monthly?

  3. The BB's are $10 monthly or you get a discount for an annual subscription. Thanks for stopping by!