Friday, December 2, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Found a new way to celebrate Friday... over on The Little Things We Do, she has a link up for filling in the blank. Because I'm recovering from some kind of flu bug today, not thinking too hard about a post sounds ideal!

Join in the fun if you're blogging and looking for something new to share today!

1.  The holiday season is generally not my favorite time of the year.  I know, I know.  Surprising, right?  I'm not scrooge or a ba-humbug, honest.  It's the obligations that are put-upon the holidays themselves.  People forget the reason for the season, quite honestly, and that's what bothers me most.  Knowing that I tend to get a tad grumpy about it each and every year, I will do my best this year to put on a smile and instead, wish you a genuine MERRY CHRISTMAS!

2.  Snow makes me {uh-oh, sensing a theme here}....  grumpy.  Ha!  Sure, it's pretty and all, when you're on the INSIDE looking out, but I really am a California girl trapped in a MinneSNOWta world.

3.  The best comfort food to eat when it’s cold out is hotdish. For those not familiar with the vernacular, it's another word for casserole.  Leftovers, combined together and tossed into the oven at 325* for 30 minutes.  Voila.  Dinner!

4. Winter is the best time for catching up with girlfriends and finishing projects in the house. 

5.  I can hardly wait for Spring!

6.  When it comes to holiday gifts I prefer to sit back and watch. I do not need anything.  I'd much rather gift, volunteer or donate than add more materialism to the holiday.

7.  If I were to rate my excitement about the holiday season on a scale from 1-10, I would say I am at about a 6 so far this year. We haven't figured out what to do about a tree yet, nor decorated.  We will probably dig out the ol' Charlie Brown Christmas tree because of the new puppy.  I'm really looking forward to the holiday break with the boys, however, and making the most of each and every day spent with family and friends.


  1. Nice post! Hope you are feeling better.

  2. The materialism of this season is really killing me this year... I am trying to ignore it though. I still love the holiday itself but stores just pressure you to buy too much stuff!