Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who loves Elmo!? I do, I do!

Wonder if I'll be able to keep still if a familiar song comes on the big screen tonight?

Wanna bet the average audience member is 40-something?

Going to see Becoming Elmo with Nancy & Cheryl.  Soooooo excited.  What a great story to be told about a kid visionary who knew what he wanted to be when he grew up!

Will return back and update with my review tomorrow!

After the movie review:  Great documentary!  Short and sweet.  It was a heart-warming story of how Kevin Clash followed his dream, despite all teasing and odds against him.  The friendship he developed with Kermit Love (what a name?!) and Jim Henson are equally touching.  Seeing the story come full circle and watching Kevin sharing his passion with young kids, who are battling illness or who want to be puppeteers, was a testament to the LOVE both he and Elmo have for children everywhere.

Elmo made an impression in our house once upon a time!

Oliver's 2nd Birthday - with Grandpa

Chicken-Dance Elmo

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  1. Thanks for the invite to attend, I really enjoyed the movie and the company!