Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a place at the table

Did I mention that we've contracted for a trestle table to be made by a local craftsman.  His name is Jeff and we found him by Google search.  After our staycation in July, we decided that while we want this piece to be an heirloom for our boys, if they should so choose, we were not able to afford his asking price.

a frame he is making for someone - love it!

we will have two benches for seating

So, we went off to visit Jeff, around the corner in Minneapolis.  Same concept, great quality...  and when it is finished and delivered, a place for the family to gather and share time together.  Ours will be made out of reclaimed lumber as well.

Reclaimed Lumber

Fine furniture in the country tradition from recycled lumber. Old boards are recycled from remodeling and demolition. The boards are cleaned, sanded and trimmed before shaping them into their new lives. All joints are hand crafted and assembled, then painted or finished using the finest materials and traditions. Standard finishes or eco-friendly finishes can be applied at your discretion. Work with is to design the perfect piece for your home or weekend retreat

Visit his website if you would like more information!
Jeff builds furniture!

I cannot WAIT to see it in our house!  

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