Friday, August 12, 2011

July Staycation

While the boys were away at Camp Wapo the last week in July, JP and I took a little time off and enjoyed a few days on the road.  We went to visit with his Aunt Phyl on Sunday night and had dinner at the Hillside Fish House in Wisconsin.  The food was very yummy!!  Back at the house later, the two of them talked about lineage and looked at old photos.  It was fun to sit back and observe, listening as they talked about finding a connection back to the Mayflower.  The next morning we took a walk to Bloedow's, just a few blocks away, and picked up my favorite raspberry danish!  JP grew up in Winona and used to work at Bloedow's.  Ask him sometime about "beans 2 hard" and you'll get a few stories, I'm sure.  It was soooo relaxing to just walk a few blocks for coffee and a danish.  There were many houses on the market, at least two a block.  Although I'm not sure I could live in a small town, it was fun to dream of buying one of those little brick houses with a front porch.  Oh, the slowed down life we could live, right?

Back at the house, Aunt Phyl had prepared a scrumptious egg brunch with corn flakes on top.  We also went to visit one of the churches, only a block away, and took some photos.  JP and I both share a passion for the beauty inside of an old church.  After being treated with wonderful Winona hospital and stuffed to the gills, we got back into the car and drove around the windy hills to find our next destination, Granary Woodshops in Spring Valley.

yes, the donut shop is on the corner of LAiRD

We took our time and following the GPS, eventually found our destination.  Tim is the craftsman who created us upon arrival.  What a beautiful farm.  Everything about it once again swept me away to a simpler time, a slower pace.  As the men walked around the farm, I took a few pictures to remember the day.  Earlier in the year I had been looking for a farm table and came across Tim's site on Cr@igslist.  The reclaimed barnwood tables are absolutely gorgeous.  I look at this investment as a family heirloom {hint to the boys} when we get around to putting in our order.  After seeing the table, his workshop and visiting with the girls and Barney, we were off again on the Southern Minnesota roads.

Owatonna, for an overnight, and a ride in a glider (no motor) the next day.

Tuesday morning brought us to a small hanger at the Faribault airport and Cross Country Soaring, where we met Don and his wife, Kathy.  Another couple who chucked in the city living to follow their passion and dreams.  {Yes, by now I am getting extremely jealous that we haven't done the same thing.}  It was a beautiful, clear day and Don was going to take JP up in one of the gliders.  I sat back at the hanger and chatted with Kathy and read on my ipad.  This was a Christmas gift from me to JP.  I believe it was a fabulous thing for the man who wants nothing.  Again, ask him how it went when you see him.

After our few days in the truck, touring Southern Minnesota, we ended up back on Aquila for a few more days before the boys arrived home.  We finished up some yardwork, laid down some sod, got massages and pedicures, and enjoyed dinner out at FujiYa.

It was a wonderful week to reconnect.  We will definitely be doing this again next year.

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