Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Follies

My weekend started out with coffee and some yummy calories with a friend on Saturday morning.  After a couple of hours we parted ways and I met up with my Mom for shopping at the new shops at WestEnd, and a liquid lunch at Rojo Mexican Restaurant.

Shopping @ Charming Charlie's

My new watch - it's HAPPY time!

On Sunday, I challenged the boys to a bike ride to church (Mapquest says 3.34 miles one way).  The sun was finally shining too, even if it was still windy cold.  Good thing I didn't get too many critical looks for my attire in church.  Ha!  After church, Henry and I did a little more bike riding and shopping.

Fun on the playground @ Calvary

Somewhere in between I managed to Skype with Norway, do five loads of laundry, pick up the house and watch the Survivor finale with the boys.  Suddenly it's Monday and I'm wishing for the next weekend to hurry up and get here for more family fun!!

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