Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love yourself, love your heart

Did you know that cardiovascular disease, not cancer, is the #1 killer of Americans... including women?!

Working for a medical manufacturing company, it's in my daily awareness.  I've been walking with our Boston Scientific team every year at the Heart Walk.   The photo I took at last year's walk has even been a part of our company's marketing.  I have signed up again and will take my boys down to Target Field on June 5th.  Together with thousands of others we will create hope, inspire change and celebrate success!

Would you consider sponsoring me and my boys in this year's walk?  They even accept Paypal this year!   Click on the graphic on my blog sidebar and join me in fighting cardiovascular disease!  Then go for a walk today and give your heart a workout and a thank you for all it does!

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