Thursday, March 3, 2011

*Photo Credit: All Mine

A new commercial airs on local television about my company's participation in the community.  So far I've seen it air during the 4 o'clock hour and have been able to catch it now a few times.  {yes, I tape Oprah}

The last image stuck in my craw as very familiar to me.  An image I would have taken.

Well, duh.  I did!!

My passion in photography has me bringing my camera along to most community events, especially those associated with my work events.  I eagerly share them with our Community Relations team and hadn't even realized that this still photo would be used in a business commercial.  I am very honored, even though I won't get any credit for it other than blathering on about it here.

I've been trying to break into the Communications/Public Relations side of the (any) business for years... I know that this is something I could be (am) INCREDIBLY good at, however, volunteering is the only way I have been able to make it happen so far. 

What a gratifying moment this morning to see something I am passionate about - something I did - show up in the venue it was meant to....   it more than achieves, it exceeds my expectations!

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