Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Growing & changing!!

So many good & positive things going on lately in our lives.  The boys are doing fabulously in school; yes, all three of them! Alek will graduate in June. Henry is still struggling a bit with time management and homework, but his first year of middle school is more than halfway complete.  Oliver is learning that being a social butterfly may be good, on occasion, but it doesn't always win points with the teacher.

And Praise the Lord, I believe that Oliver is finally outgrowing nocturnal enuresis and we are so very thankful.  I can finally stop putting stock into Kimberly-Clark products!!  He is also adamant that he is too big for the booster seat in the car now that the scale hit 80 lbs.  I have yet to measure the seat belt to make sure that he is safe, but will add that to our list of things to do this weekend!

I am nearing the end of my pregnancy and this little boy's parents fly in on Friday.  In less than two weeks, my years of pregnancy and childbirth will be complete, and it will have spanned almost 20 years.  Wow! 

I will be home from work for a couple of months recovering from a c-section and cannot wait for the down time & opportunity to further soul search and plan what's next in my life.  I will celebrate these past five years with the love of my life, the one who has stood by my side through all of it.  In April we will fly away to the Riviera Maya and spend seven luxurious days and nights together...  oh, how wonderful it will be!!

I am blessed.

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