Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nothing to lose... everything to gain

After yesterday's little "pity party for one" I decided it was a good time to gather steam (and support) from friends! 

My intent was to go to yoga at the Temple. 
I haven't been in months (since 7 months pregnant). 

And I did just publicly declare that I am on a mission to revitalize my health & exercise habits.

The weather forecast was hot & muggy, however, and I do not like to exercise outdoors when I easily overheat without help from Mister Sun.  Yoga was going to be outside.

So what did this friend, aka the Enabler do?  She convinced friends to join her for a late dinner and dessert and a "light calorie" drink at the local pub instead.  Oops. I did stop at just one mini burger.  All was very yummy too!  More than that, the time spent with good friends was just what I needed.

Starting over today with a better attitude & healthier choices.
And I will try again for yoga at the Temple another Tuesday in May...

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