Friday, July 30, 2010

Flipping for Friday

I don't have one of those "linky" tools yet, or the time to figure out how they work.  But if your cartwheels online today have landed you here, please leave a comment and tell me what makes you SMILE and flip for Friday?  Feel free to follow me and grab my button along the right-hand side of my blog and add it to yours.  I promise to entertain, enlighten or share a piece of my life with you too!

After having spent an hour on the grounds of a Hindu Temple, doing yoga as the sun set last night, I am flipping for Friday because I feel restored & renewed.  The stretching and meditation that I have begun to make a part of my daily routine has allowed me to put things into perspective.  On top of that, I am sleeping more soundly at night too.  What's not to  FLIP  about, huh?

So, this is as simple as I can make it right now to follow along:
  • Follow Mining with Rarejule and at least one other new blog. * until more people follow me [which, hey, I believe could possibly happen...  some day] and I figure out the linky thing, you'll have to follow other blogs by clicking on their profile in FOLLOW.
  • Flip through many blogs as you can, be sure to leave a comment telling them you’re visiting from Flipping for Fridays.
  • Follow the blogs you want and return a visit back to your new commentors.
  • Feel free to grab the button and the  fLiPpInG  code to and paste it up on your blog.

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  1. I'm just gonna leave a comment on yours:

    I'm Flippin' this Friday because of the wonderful group of mom's (and occasionally dads) that I hang out with on Fridays at playgroup. They seem to help center me, provide valuable advice, and get me to laugh.