Thursday, July 29, 2010

Raising Boys

On my way into work this morning, I heard a radio news report on KTIS.  The results did not surprise me.  Apparently someone interviewed the families of 17,000 first graders (yikes!) and discovered that children raised in faith were more polite, excelled in school, and were more well-adjusted, respectful kids.  Of course I'm paraphrasing because I didn't catch the name of the man who did the study and cannot look it up right now.  Bottom line was that kids whose parents were "religious" are going to do better and go far in life.  I suppose that's surely debatable, nurture vs. nature and all other influential elements...  but I'd like to think that my children being raised in faith surely have a better disposition because of it.    

Does it make them perfect?  Heck no!  A million times a week I'm constantly asking them to shut the door, put the seat down, pick up your socks, wash your hands.  It is very clear to me that I am not alone in this journey on earth.  Us, the mortal parents, can only do so much to raise our sons.  I am beyond happy to see God's daily influence in their lives.  Henry is away at church camp this week, and although he will be completely and utterly exhausted when he comes home on Friday, he will be full to the brim with lessons learned... about himself, God, what it means to be a friend, and so much more!  He simply adores the young mentors that lead them and cannot wait for his turn to do the same.  He is not afraid to sing and dance in the name of the Lord.  Oliver sees his example and, although he could only attend for a weekend this year, is also looking forward to a full week at camp next summer. 

While having dinner at a neighbor's house this week, Henry received accolades on the young man he is becoming.  It warmed my heart.  What a blessing he is to the world already.  We are doing something right!


  1. I totally agree! Good for you to know how that feels. You've done a wonderful thing for your kids.


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