Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hot Night for NNO!

August in Minnesota is not my favorite month.  Humidity is not my friend, nor Oliver's.  He's had one migraine already and we both went to bed early this week with headaches.  But tonight, we suck it up to party in the streets with the neighborhood.  Perhaps a sprinkler in someone's front yard will help everyone stay cool?   Although I doubt you will catch adults running through it.

This is our 8th summer in the neighborhood and we always look forward to gathering in the streets.  Tonight will be no different.  Time to catch up on the gossip, meet any new neighbors that join in the fun, and eat some good food.  Perhaps we will even get a visit from a firetruck, policeman or McGruff himself!

2009 NNO Group Photo

Must remember to take another group picture tonight.  This is the one from last year! 

1 comment:

  1. Sprinkler. Check! Slip N Slide. Check!

    See you there!