Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sing it with me...


Today I feel as if my 45 vinyl is skipping on a certain chorus.  Thank you, Lesley Gore, for such a legendary, timeless line that will stick in my craw for the remainder of today!

Yes, I am having another pity party.  Please don't point out that the last one was not that long ago, and that my party hat and colored streamers are still showing. Ms. Glass Half Full realizes that and is having a hard time coping with her failed optimism lately.

In case you feel like you're in the dark, let me quickly fill you in.  A month ago someone told me of a newly created position/opening at my company.  It sounded perfect.  Like the one before, I wasn't looking, but it surely came my way for a reason.  I applied.  Interviewed.  Felt great about the possibilities.

In my mind, I had the job.  It was mine.  25 years of experience said that I would be the best candidate, mentor and leader for a newly formed group of admin across-the-country.

Then, I waited.  And waited.
Rumors circulated as to candidate pool, where I fell into that ranking, and that word would be coming soon.

I checked voicemail and email  for weeks from home in the evenings.  Until last night.  I was on vacation.
Full of hope this morning, I posted to my FB status before leaving work "oh, goody...  another day to enjoy... unwrapping with eagerness and glee, what's in store for me?!"

Well.  2 hours later, that question was answered when I arrived at work and listened to my voicemail.
The job was not to be mine.  "thanks for interviewing, but...."  blah, blah, blah

Good thing it's raining out today and mascara is over-rated.  I can blame my sucky, pissy down-turned mood on the weather.  Hormones.  Anything but disappointment in myself for letting another perfect opportunity pass me by...

Yes, yes, Ms. Glass Half Full realizes that this wasn't meant to be, the right position will come along, timing is everything and there's a reason for everything.  I do.

Meanwhile, the 45 still spins.
And I sing.

ETA: Deja Vu

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