Friday, June 25, 2010

Dad's Night Out

I took my Dad to see Allegria last night at the Target Center in Minneapolis.  We had a nice dinner of D'Amico pasta, followed by dessert and coffee at Hard Rock Cafe.  Dad had key lime pie and I had creme brulee.  It was an absolutely gorgeous night for sitting on the patio in downtown and people watching while we chatted.

The last time Cirque du Soliel was in town the whole cast came down with the flu (or food poisoning, I forget).  At any rate, we had tickets to go then to a different show, but missed out.   Timing worked out perfectly to take my Dad for Father's Day this year.  I splurged and got main floor tickets.

How was the show, you ask?

Well..... she says, with emphasis on the L.

It was not as "fantastic" as I had remembered.   I have seen Allegria before in the TC and I was a tad disappointed.  This was my favorite show out of the four I had seen to-date.  However, the lead soloist was not as strong (in comparison) and although her voice carried by microphone, it lacked passion.  The acts that performed were good at what they do, but they too seemed lacking in enthusiasm and fewer in number than I recall.  And for the seating that I thought would be terrific... I would not recommend it to anyone else (floor seating) for this particular show.  I literally watched the whole show between two heads in front of me (doing sign language the whole time).

That said, I took my Dad, and it was HIS night.  We had a great father-daughter evening out and I know he really enjoyed it.

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