Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summertime sports!

My life revolves around ma boys.  Nothing new here from any other mother, right?  This summer brings with it lots of driving to and from the ball field and the golf course.  Hours of sitting at the field, in an uncomfortable chair, with an umbrella and cooler full of water.  Camera in hand, my voice hoarse from cheering...  I know the names and numbers of everyone on the team.  And just when you think the season is over, they WIN.  Again. In a double-elimination playoff round.  My Henry is elated, over-joyed and cannot wait to be put in again as pitcher.  He's hopeful.  I'm nervous.  Their next game is on Friday at 6 pm (against the first place team that just lost their first game), for anyone who wishes to join me in cheering - or praying

Go Rays!!

You're out!

Oliver is in his second year of lessons and golf league play at Three Rivers Park District.  He loves it.  He is learning not only how to hit the ball, but manners ~ in the gentleman's game, as JP so affectionately calls it.  Oliver gets it.  He knows that his demeanor is half of the game, skill can always be developed.  I am proud of him for dressing the part and knowing that time on the green is precious.  He was very upset at being paired with two other kids (out of a total of 5) who did not understand the rules of golf.  We made sure he was able to play with a different set of kids this week.  If you ever need a fourth to join in your game, I promise you this kid will make it fun and worthwhile!


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