Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Say what?!

Yes, we are all human. And... I've been known to let language fly on occasion, but when raising children, it's best to lead by example and squelch the desire to spit expletives into the air. So yesterday when Vice President Joe Biden let the F-bomb slip through on National TV, I was just a tad disappointed. Even more so when the media can't stop talking about it now 24 hours later. Trying to take it in stride and not create an even bigger debacle for our government, this turns into a teaching experience for Moms & Dads everywhere!

I've been trying to tell the boys that any version of a swear word is still an adjective for a swear word... just don't do it!  Don't cuss. The world would be a little less ugly than it is today if people found a better way to destress and communicate.  So, on what would normally be "wordless wednesday" for blogging, I think it only apropos that our Veep should have done exactly THAT and settled for a handshake and a smile!

A Proud Member of the NO CUSSING Club


  1. I must admit, I too let the language fly on occasion. But then I remember all the times I was told that people only use swear words because they lack a more intelligent vocabulary to find an alternative thing to say.

    So here is to showing off our vocabularies!

  2. Peter says that if the kids ever swear they learned it from me. He's right! What can I say, I grew up in Texas. But I will brag -- I promised not to swear during child birth and I succeeded twice!! I'm not sure how since I can't do it at home... :) But it's a good challenge!