Monday, March 22, 2010

1901 Memory Lane

Took a trip through the old 'hood when my girlfriends were in town earlier this month.  A lot of what I remember about living in this house does not conjure up good memories.  However, one memory that leaps to the forefront is the FRONT PORCH on this old duplex.  During a spring or summer thunderstorm it was my favorite place to be.  I don't recall begging, but I know I must have pleaded to spend the night in that porch listening to the rain come down.  The chenille bedspread was white and the room smelled of damp rain.  I loved it. 

We lived in the top of this duplex and Emil lived in the bottom half.  I don't remember much about Emil.  I know he was a kind man and my Mother did things for him as he grew older. He lived alone and on his wall hung this picture, and it always intrigued me. He must have been a man of faith.  Besides having him over for dinner or having to pass through his half of the house to the basement, I don't have enough memory to recall what he looked like...  so in my mind, Emil has always looked like this man saying his daily prayers.

We only lived in this house until I finished the third grade (about 8 or 9 years old)...  so I compare that now to Oliver's age and wonder what he will recall about his childhood home as he grows up.  Oliver's memory, however, is probably going to be MUCH better than mine as an adult.  That kid can remember the most mundane, yet particular details!

The house is in need of a new coat of paint, but otherwise, looks no different than it did so many years ago.  This is where I learned to ride my bike around the block and through the alleys (without much supervision), where I walked 2 blocks to Redeemer Lutheran Church, biked to Grandma's house, and where I knocked on neighbors' doors to get yellow lemon drop candy.  Oh, there are more memories to share...  and even more to tuck away & forget...  but for today, I skip down memory lane like the 8 year old that I was...  carefree & longing for adventure!

Me, Mom, My Sister & Snoopy

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