Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dad & Henry Makes Crossing Safe @ School

Once again, we're in the news!   Henry is a crossing guard at his elementary school and JP is on the committee to make it safer.  Since moving to 3513, our boys have been walkers.  This year they are walking by themselves and Henry couldn't wait to be a crossing guard.  Crazy parents and not-so-careful drivers, however, have made drop-off and pick-up a virtual nightmare on the best of days.  I am very thankful to the committee and the funding that has come along to make our children safer in the City of New Hope!

Collaboration Creating Safer Walking at New Hope School

And as luck would have it, our photogenic son was also on crossing guard duty the day they took pictures for the story.

Flags Up!

...and out!

And not to be left out, Oliver found his way into the photos too!

Oliver can't wait to follow in his brother's footsteps when he gets to be a crossing guard in two years.

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