Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We went out to dinner on Saturday night to Spill the Wine in Minneapolis. Kara joined us and we had a lovely time! Dinner was yummy... and the Chicken Wild Rice soup in a broth-base is scrumptious to tempt your palate for starters. Paired with wine flights, we enjoyed sampling a bit from one another's plates. The ambiance was nice, and we were there early so it wasn't crowded or loud, but the bench and chairs were hard and made it difficult to want to "sit a spell" longer than dinner itself. We left there and headed to Sebastian Joe's for ice cream. This is a place where JP and I went on our first date and hadn't been back in quite some time! I was craving peppermint bon bon (my favorite!) and they didn't have any... so we left and JP drove us to another ice cream favorite, Crema Cafe in South Minneapolis. They didn't have my favorite either, but I settled for an almond ice cream that was to die for!! Kara couldn't help herself and kept going back for more. Perhaps it is HOW she ate it that made her need more?!

On our way home I wanted to stop by the big chair in the community garden. The sunset was beautiful and I had my camera with me for a few silly moments. I even made JP take another turn on the way home into the Eloise Butler Wildflower Gardens. I did a little reminiscing of my childhood as we ran into the trees to find the fresh spring water. My grandfather and I used to fill up gallon after gallon of water at this spring when I was little. I miss you, Grandpa! Ah, the memories!

What a gorgeous night out with two of my favorite people!

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