Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wow, Incredible!

Hmmmm, I am actually about to admit I really enjoyed watching The Incredible Hulk movie last night?! There was a lot of action (of course) and a few surprise appearances to make the audience laugh too! I would definitely buy this one on DVD but suggest you see it in the theater if you like action. It's packed with: loud, big, green & lots of excitement to keep you on the edge of your seat. Ed Norton does a fabulous job at Banner, and Liv Tyler is a pleasant "damsel in distress" as his love interest.

"...this films knows exactly what it is - energetic Saturday-night entertainment, no more, no less. It has punch and it has pace, and it knows not to let up for more than the occasional second." ~ as reviewed by Mark Monahan in The Telegraph

We had free movie passes for this preview screening and even though we got there 40 minutes early, we were still not sure we would get through the door. Alas, the line started moving and we were ushered in slowly. Armed with our store bought candy (gotta save money somewhere with these gas prices?!) we headed in to find a seat. I took Henry and we sat under the speakers on the side wall. I think he sat with his fingers in his ears the whole night. I was wishing I had a set of ear plugs in my purse. Oliver and JP sat in the last row on the top of the stadium theater seating.

I was pleasantly amazed and thoroughly enjoyed explaining some of it to Henry as the movie progressed. The kids cannot wait to tell their friends about it! I guess that's the power of preview attendance!

My favorite quote from the movie: "This a whole new level of weird!"

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