Saturday, January 19, 2008

Practice Makes Patience

How did you spend your Saturday? We spent part of it standing in lines for amusement rides at the Park @ MOA this weekend... I told JP that we were practicing patience! Planning to visit Orlando over spring break is probably the nuttiest thing we've done in a long time. The lines and crowds will try us all, I'm sure, but if we keep our heads about us we will have a fabulous time!

I even tried the Twister this weekend and it was a blast! The kids even talked us into going on the Log Chute. We were a bit leery that we might get wet but it was only a little bit. Inside the log chute is Babe the Blue Ox and Paul Bunyan. Babe was pulling down a tree and "snorting" mist onto us as we rode underneath and Paul was larger than life jabbering incoherently. We tried to explain who they were to the boys but will have to take them online for more tutelage. I have fond memories of going to Brainerd when I was kid to see Paul Bunyan. I just might have to see if I can dig out those old photos someday and post them here!

The Park is undergoing quite a bit of transformation and changes to become the Nickelodeon Universe theme and we probably will not visit again until it's fully open. There is one roller coaster going in and it looks fabulous! The kids have already said they won't ride it, but I bet I can talk JP into it some day!

Anyway, I wasn't sure JP would be able to handle the walking but he did very well with his knee. We considered it therapy! And now we have alerted the boys to how many MORE lines they will be standing in soon and to countdown to the excitement!

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