Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's a Sock Hop!

I think I missed my true era... well, the clothes, music and dance at least! I love the 50's. A friend loaned me a poodle skirt and my mom dropped off Dad's letter sweater. Swoon! I slicked back the boys' hair and off we went to the SOCK HOP tonight at school. I enjoyed the music and seeing all the kids dressed up. The girls danced and the boys "did their thing" --> chasing the girls, of course. They looked like their own little gang in their white t-shirts, rolled up jeans and tennies. JP "Hop-A-Long" Crutchman came with us too! He held up the wall and made conversation with the pretty girls.

We finished the night at home with the ultimate dessert - rootbeer floats! Yummy, thanks Mom!

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