Friday, January 25, 2008

Consumer Beware

I have seen the commericals for clinical deodorant and thought "Wow, something actually made for women who sweat!" You see I don't perspire, like most, I s-w-e-a-t. Does that fall into the category of TMI? Well, anyway, I was excited to see that they were finally making something for the less-than-dainty among my gender. These commericals were geared toward me! When I walked through the aisle of Target last night I remembered to stop and pick one up! I was sweating, just excited of the prospect of something new! I turned it over and found the active ingredient (Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex) was one that JP despises and has warned me about numerous times. I was hoping for a breakthrough, something green without allergic reactions. My heart sank. I picked up another deodorant, same brand, right next to it to compare the active ingredient. I was stunned... to my amazement the "clinical" variety was only 1% more! What!? How can a company claim it's a clinical strength at 20% when the one on the shelf right next to it is 19%? And for that extra 1%, the clinical strength one was twice the price at $7.99. Oh, my!

I was very disappointed and just had to complain to someone. I looked around and no other women were there to comfort me. So I took both products up to the pharmacist and asked her if what I was indeed seeing was correct. She agreed and said it was a marketing ploy.

Heavy sigh. It was too good to be true.

So I put the product back on the shelf... backed away in disappointment... and continued on my way. Still sweating.

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