Friday, September 7, 2007

Wandering Mind

Did you ever start out picking up something in your house, to put it in its rightful place, but got side tracked? And before you know it, you've crossed back and forth at least a dozen times. You may have dropped off the original item in your hand, and then again, maybe you're still holding it, but along the way you've completely forgotten how you began? My mind does this frequently and I find myself pondering things and trying to trace back how I got to the final "resting spot".

Tonight, I took it to another level... website wandering. I suppose this isn't all that unusual, but it truly is amazing how much information is out there on the net. Whatever would we do without it now? Here is where I ended up when I finally decided to come post in my blog.

My mind is wandering again... do you know how much I love photography? It's so very eloquent and mesmerizing! I subscribe to MSNBC Week in Pictures and enjoy seeing the world through another's eyes.

Trivia from today's Final Jeopardy: What was the original name of the internet? Of course, the question wasn't worded that way. But do you know the answer?

Back to web surfing while JP watches Survivorman.... (sigh) what a way to spend a Friday night, huh?!

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