Saturday, September 8, 2007

Everyone loves a Parade

Don't they? I love a parade! I'm a "parade geek" of sorts. Of course the kids love to go to a parade because they throw boat-loads of candy. If we only make it to one parade a year, it's always the Osseo Lion's Roar in September. Having been in marching band since 9th grade and attaining the position of Drum Majorette my senior year, I lived and breathed parades back in the day!

I learned a lot from my band directors... John (bless his soul) and Paul. I am thankful for all that they taught me, not only about music, but about life!

Henry has been marching up and down the street lately twirling a baton, of sorts. When we went to the parade on Saturday I made sure to point out all of the drum majors and how he could be involved in a parade himself someday when he grows up! I sure hope to get both of the younger boys interested in playing an instrument and being in the band. If we can keep out the negative peer influence, it will be wonderful to live it all again through them.

A lot of the photos in the slideshow are old cars... another passion of mine which Henry seemed to pick up. Enjoy!

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