Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dream, Dream, Dream

My mind was racing last night when I went to bed after getting home from school. I suppose that is why I seemed to dream so much and recalled specifically the last one that woke me up. My subconscious is ready to do another surrogacy. "What?!" you say? Yes, I woke up recalling that I was meeting with someone and saying that it had been a month and a half and I was ready to do it again. I do not recall ever having a time element to my dream before that was so exact. I am exactly six weeks out from childbirth and ready to go again!

Tomorrow is my 6 week post-partum check-up with my doctor. I'm sure all will be okay as I've been feeling great! Unless I'm on my feet all day, I don't notice the sore tummy muscles. And then it's back to work in two weeks. Time sure flies when you're having fun!

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  1. Dreams sure are interesting. When I have "reality" dreams they are usually true. They don't happen often, and only about people that I am close to. Do you remember what I told you when you called me the morning Alec was born? I told you that you had already called me during night and told me you had a boy. You said you hadn't, that you didn't even call your mom and tell her. I was very confused at first and than realized that I had dreamed it. But it sure boggled your brain. Ready or not, you may be doing it again!