Monday, July 18, 2016

Spouse Challenge on FB Day 1

Figured I may as well use this opportunity to cross-post this week as I share about my relationship with my hubby.  So if you follow me or are friends with me there, you'll already know this information.  If not, my life is an open book (generally speaking) so I will share it here each day as well.

Alright, okay... I've been challenged twice now to post pictures of ‪#‎miamour‬for 7 days in a row... not that any of you want MORE of my posts in your newsfeed {giggle, snort}, but here goes! I will NOT be tagging anyone... so if this interests you, share the love and start your own 7 day trend!

Day 1 : Thanksgiving 1995
It was only the second time that I gathered with his 11 sibling family for an 'event' (after being slightly scared after the first big event introduction); but I came back and was welcomed with open arms! This memory also shows you how little Alek was when we started dating. Many things have changed since this date, but what holds true is the love I have for this man, more than twenty years later.

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