Tuesday, February 9, 2016

May I take your order please?

I have been making their lunches almost every single day since Kindergarten.  It used to be PB&J every single day.  Then during middle school, they each were allowed/chose one day a week to have hot lunch, while the rest still came from home.  In high school, that's now progressed back to hand-made lunches by Mom. Every other day is generally meat of some sort, followed by PB&J.  It's a good thing neither of them (or their friends) have ever had a problem with peanut butter. With growing boy appetites, their lunch also consists of fruit, yogurt, chips, granola bar and drink.  Sometimes dessert or after school snack.  Their lunch bags burst at the seams!

Will I miss these notes?  Some day. After all, that's 14+ years, Monday through Friday and sometimes weekends, that I've been making their lunches.  My morning routine is about 45 minutes prep for the boys and 20 minutes for myself.  Yes, some day I'll have time on my hands that I won't know what to do with.

But for today, May I take your order please? 

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