Monday, July 13, 2015

The boys are back from Colorado Springs!

After a long weekend and a 12 hour travel delay, the boys have landed back in Minneapolis!  

on the field in Colorado Springs

airport delays...  slap happy boys!

MN Chill Purple 2017 Rising Juniors

Another weekend of LAX is officially in the books and I couldn't be more thankful to "the village" for all that they do to make it possible. From the goodie bag on Friday morning, to sending texts and pix from Colorado, to taking care of Oliver yesterday, and picking up Henry at MSP tonight today!  From the bottom of our hearts... thank you!

Hopeful for a few more pictures to share in the future, but this is all I could snag from social media today.  

Time to unload, wash the clothes and pack it all up to do again next Saturday in Delaware!  Oh, and somewhere in between, a few naps for everyone.

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