Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer Sizzle - Oliver LAX

Spent the weekend at the Summer Sizzle in Circle Pines with Oliver and his U15 ACYLA team.  They fought hard and played well.  The temperature and heat index were close to 100* by the time they finished up the tournament Sunday evening.

A lot of SPF, hydration and fun for boys and parents alike.

Two more games for Oliver this season (Monday and Thursday this week) before he's done with LAX for the summer.  Then it's time to hang up the stick and get the basketball ready for tryouts in the fall at the high school.

In between, he will be having surgery on his foot for OCD.  No, not that kind of OCD, this kind.  We are hopeful that the surgery will be quick and his recovery swift.  There is also marching band rehearsals that begin two weeks after surgery in August.

Please say a little prayer for this kid  - who doesn't sit still long.  We would love this surgery to completely heal his foot.  Apparently many people have this type of issue and never know it or have the pain that Oliver has had...  he's just one of the lucky who is affected by the pain, and we're hopeful this surgery will do something for his complete health healing and sports years ahead!

Until then...  two more games, Camp Wapo next week, a basketball camp the weekend following and THEN we found time to fit in his surgery.  {smile}

Oliver in his new bucket hat on the way to his game.

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