Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Music of the Season | Day 16

A few musical performances by my very own boys (and a hundred or so back-up singers).  {grin}

More to come when I can properly add the titles & information to each song.  For now, enjoy one with the combined Freshmen Madrigals, Varsity Madrigals & Chamber singers:

And the 8th Grade Plymouth Middle School Choir (183 members strong) with Oliver on the first solo.

Please forgive the poor quality video - the lighting is not kind to phone video and I couldn't find my "real" camera.  If you close your eyes, however, you will hear their joyous voices in song!  They did a fabulous job last night!

Will update more later when time permits.  Thanks for sharing in my holiday joy!  Three more concerts this week and I hope to have better quality videos to share.

More videos from Winter Concert can be found here.

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