Monday, December 15, 2014

Music of the Season | Day 15

Angels... sung by some very talented men from Minnesota. I present to you this Monday morning, 10 days before Christmas, Home Free.

Today is a very busy day of music in the Foreman household too! I will be singing with the GMI Choir at KARE11 for the Toys for Tots campaign. Henry will be singing with Varsity Madrigals, as well as running down the school hallway (after a quick change of attire) to play trumpet in his first ever jazz ensemble performance. Momma will be torn at that point because the concert continues in the auditorium with Oliver singing with his 8th grade choir (he has a solo) and also with Sola Voce (auditioned small group). So much music packed into one evening - giddy with excitement and how to split myself into thirds so I can take it all in!  Hopefully some personal videos of "Music of the Season" will be forthcoming!

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