Wednesday, August 14, 2013

a new generation of marching band {geek}

Mister Kuno and me!
I'm not sure they still call 'em "band geeks" like they did back in my day. Gosh, is that dating myself? Well, reality is, it has been 28 years since I marched in the band.  When talking with Henry about my days in the band, I told him I was in marching band all four years:  clarinet (freshman); flute (sophomore); flags (junior); drum majoriette (senior).  All the while, my parents were beside me, cheering me on and being a part of the all-important band boosters.  It's my turn to pay it forward and start the next generation off on the right (left) foot!  I told him that I would be involved, and hoped that he saw it as a wonderful time to spend together, and that some day he would feel the same obligation {desire} to do the same for his children.

So this week started some pretty intense training.  The first night before practice he says, "I hope my section captain is cool" and upon returning from practice, comes into our room and tells his father, "It didn't suck."  I guess that was something he had previously mentioned he would report back on to JP.  I just laughed out loud.  So glad that he didn't think it was horrible after the first night.  He has had the music for some time, to begin practicing and yes, memorizing, much to his shock.  He rambled on about how difficult it is to march, play and pay attention, what's flanking? and how do you do that turn again?  Oh, the memories.  I told him it wouldn't be long before he had it all down and it was second nature.  I think he may be seeing the importance now of memorization.  Hmmmm, mother knows best? 


Wednesday night was trying on uniforms for size, ordering shoes, hats and gloves.  They wear wool uniforms, just as we did, and nice big hats.  Classy!  I volunteered to fit shoes, and began to introduce myself to some of the parents, as well as get to know kids faces and names.  Some of the freshman are familiar, but the band is approximately 130 kids this year.  How amazingly wonderful is that?! 

After everyone was finished sizing up, they took to the track around the field and practiced.  Goosebumps.  Memories.  I even saw an individual that reminded me of "Tony" marching back in 1984.  I know, I digress.  Anyway, I took a little video as they rounded the track, and I must say - they sounded pretty good, and looked like they were trying hard to learn to march as a coehsive group on Day 3!

Am I excited for this season of marching band?  Heck yeah!  More importantly, so is Henry!!
And so the first of the next six seasons for the marching Foreman family begins.  {At least I hope Oliver will see how much fun it is and they'll both want to continue.}

Their first gig this year is at the Robbinsdale Armstrong Community Backlawn BBQ on Tuesday, August 20th from 5:00pm - 7:30pm.  After that, they are marching in the State Fair parade on Friday, August 23rd, a handfull of football games, the Plymouth parade in September, and the Anoka parade in October.  You can catch more of their schedule on the band website.  Come out and cheer them on!

Go Falcons!!

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